Emergency maintenance announcement

To Moeli’s fans and visitors,

We apologize that Moeli is currently inaccessible. The domain name server of Moeli has received a DMCA taken down request from Japan, leading the hosting provider to suspend our access. We devised a website moving plan and commenced preparations to migrate the server. However, due to the substantial volume of Moeli’s data, this process may take a considerable amount of time.

Given the significant differences between the new and current servers, debugging Moeli after the migration will also require a lot of time. Consequently, we are unable to provide an exact restoration time at this moment. Our estimate ranges from two weeks to one month.

If you wish to track our progress, you can join our TG chat group (primarily in Chinese content). Any updates will be pinned at the top of the group:


Thank you for your support,

Administrator(Temporary), Xiaohuo

01/12/2023 Update

We are migrating Moeli’s data to a new server, and the estimated duration for the migration process is expected to be two to three days at most.

26/11/2023 Update

We are currently debugging the environment of the new server. Once the debugging is complete, we will commence the migration of data from Moeli’s old server. The debugging process is expected to take up to one week. After Moeli is back online, we will begin optimizing and adjusting our operations. We will also open a feedback collection for users, and based on the feedback, we will optimize the website. Any new developments will be promptly updated in announcements here.

Due to limitations in the Chinese Telegram group for Moeli international users, we cordially invite all international users to participate in a questionnaire.

This questionnaire is designed to help us better understand the composition of our user base, enabling us to consider and implement improvements for our international users in the future.

If your First Language is Chinese, please do not participate this questionaire, thank you for your cooperation.

Language Collect